Priest with ties to Houston found murdered in MS

HOUSTON The body of Reverend Edward Everitt, 70, was found at a beach house in Waveland, Mississippi. His alleged killer was found shortly after, apparently on his way to Disney World.

Everitt, nicknamed 'Father Ed,' served as a pastor at Holy Ghost Church in Hammond, Louisiana, and received part of his education at the University of Houston.

According to law enforcement, he'd gone to the beach home in Waveland, a home owned by the Dominican Order of Priesthood to which he belongs, and hired 31-year-old Jeremy Manieri for a construction project.

Authorities believe Manieri took Everitt's wallet and pickup truck, killed him and then went to pick up his ex-wife and small kids.

"The suspect told his ex-wife that he was working on an oil rig and when he got paid, that they were going to come to Florida and take the kids to Disney," said Sheriff Grady Judd with the Polk County Sheriff's Office. "And that's exactly what happened. They came to Florida to take the kids to Disney, but he wasn't working on an oil rig. "

Law enforcement used the OnStar tracking system on the pickup truck to track Manieri, where they say they arrested him when he stepped outside of his hotel room in Polk County, Florida, for a cigarette.

Manieri will face murder charges. We're told Everitt was soon to retire back here in Texas.

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