Inmate accused of rape from 1995 case


Roland Ali Westbrooks, 36, is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. According to court documents, Westbrooks sexually assaulted a then 16-year-old girl at her residence back in 1995. The victim says she woke to some "rumbling" in the room next door, then saw an unknown black male standing in the door of her bedroom. The victim says the man put a pillow over her head and raped her. She says the man told her to "shut up" and threatened to kill her. The suspect also took money from her purse, the girl says.

Then in 2007, investigators found that a sex assault examination had been done on the victim, but never submitted to a lab for analysis. Court documents state the DNA profile matched that of Westbrooks on file.

Westbrooks is currently incarcerated for felony offenses of aggravated sexual assault and burglary of a habitation in Houston back in 1997. That case had a similar incident in which Westbrooks entered a residence unlawfully and sexually assaulted a female by threat and force, according to court documents.

Police obtained a DNA sample from Westbrooks in prison last year and that sample matched the evidence taken from the victim in this case, court documents state. Police say the victim also picked Westbrooks out of a photo lineup.

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