Man arrested in deadly hit-and-run wreck in N. Harris Co.

HOUSTON Jose Coss, 36, of Spring is behind bars, charged with failure to stop and render aid. One of his colleagues helped deputy constables put the pieces together. Yet the victim's family believes they got the wrong guy.

The oldest of seven and a mother of four, Mitchell was the rock in her family.

"She kept everybody together," said her sister Beverly Demus. "She loved the kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, they all loved her."

Early Friday morning someone hit and killed the 52-year-old while she was crossing FM 1960 near Aldine Westfield. The driver kept going.

Mitchell's sister Georgiana Douglas said, "She probably would have survived if they would have stopped and had consideration that it could have been their sister or their mother."

Early Monday morning, Precinct 4 deputy constables arrested Coss in connection with the hit-and-run. Investigators say he hit Mitchell on his way to work.

"I think the co-worker had a perception that from a comment he made about hitting a cow or something, but he was still at work on time for some reason," explained Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Ron Hickman. "It didn't sound right. She reported that to a supervisor."

Even though authorities say Coss admitted to hitting someone, Mitchell's sisters aren't convinced he's the one who did it. Sunday night, Demus got a phone call and was told someone else -- an acquaintance of her cousin -- hit the 52-year-old grandmother.

"She told her friend that she knows she hit someone," Demus said. "She told that to her friend and said she's afraid and she doesn't know what to do."

Demus also learned the 41-year-old female driver had been traveling along the same stretch of FM 1960 in the same type of SUV as Coss, around the same time Mitchell was hit. Coincidence? Mitchell's family doesn't think so.

"If that's the right one, I want her to be charged for it," Douglas said. "For all who were involved with it. I want them to be charged for murder."

Precinct 4 deputy constables investigated the family's claim, and we're told that based on all of the information and evidence investigators have, they say Coss is indeed the suspect.

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