METRO light rail line construction crosses milestone

HOUSTON The southeast line will start downtown at the Main St. line and extend to the planned university line at the University of Houston. Then, it will run nearly to the South Loop. But, not everyone is welcoming the construction.

Orange barrels seem to outnumber cars along Scott St., and that's one of the biggest frustrations for the owners of a nearby restaurant supply business.

"With that construction in front, it's hard to get in and get out," Sam Musachia said.

"My husband put a sign out there, saying, 'METRO, please, please help.' But we're just hanging in there, hoping they'll hurry up and finish," Musachia's wife, Sally, said.

Although it doesn't look like much progress for the Musachias, METRO's light rail lines are coming along.

Tuesday morning, workers began linking together stretches of rail, getting ready to place them onto the southeast line.

"Today marks a milestone in this project as we go from utilities and roadwork to the actual construction of rail," METRO Senior Vice President David Couch said.

For a bookstore that serves a lot of UH students, having a light rail stop nearby could be a major boost.

"We're really excited about having a METRO coming through, for U of H it will be really convenient," bookstore manager Charlie Floyd said.

Even with this major milestone, none of the A-lines are expected to be ready for riders until 2014, which -- for some -- is a long, long time.

"I'd like for them to finish up," Musachia said.

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