Highway 290 back open after road problem

HOUSTON The problem was about one lane side wide and anywhere from 6 to 8 inches deep. That caused cars to drive into it, meaning big problems for commuters.

"Taking one of my church members to church this morning," said Marlon Wortham, who ran into the hole. "A big block of brick, same color of the street, we couldn't see nothing until after we ran over it."

"You know part of the freeway's missing there," we told him.

"It's like a hole there?" he said. "Oh my God."

In terms of repairs, TxDOT filled in the hole with asphalt and rolled trucks over it before opening the freeway.

Authorities believe that a combination of age and weather caused the concrete to break. They plan on beginning repairs on the road late Tuesday night and it's expected to continue for the three nights.

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