Bail granted in deadly hit and run wreck

HOUSTON James Onak, 45, appeared in back to back court hearings Friday morning. He's accused of hitting and killing Fadel Steadman, 32, with a car on the Gulf Freeway Tuesday morning. Police say Onak was driving drunk at the time.

After the accident, they say he kept driving, even though Steadman had crashed through his windshield, and his body was on Onak's passenger seat.

On Friday, a judge granted Onak bail on the conditions that he does not drive, he attends daily Alcohol Anonymous meetings and he maintains a monitor in his home.

Still, the victim's family says that is not enough.

"Unless they are going to have an officer following him around 24/7, there's no telling what he's going to do," said Gary Steadman, the victim's brother. "He can get into another car when he leaves from here and kill someone else."

"He killed my son," added the victim's mother, Toni Steadman. "I want to see him go to jail. I want to see him stay in jail."

The Steadman family says Onak's wife contacted them on Facebook, offering her condolences. They say it was not comforting, and further upset them.

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