Walker County jail fugitive captured in SW Houston

HOUSTON Under personal escort from the Walker County sheriff Friday, Archie walked slowly back to jail, clearly telling us why he escaped.

"Trent, why did you escape?" we asked.

"I'm not getting a fair trial here in court," he said.

"That's why you decided to run?"

"Yes ma'am," he answered.

Archie escaped from Walker County Jail in Huntsville early Tuesday morning. Authorities say it was a tip that led to Archie being found at a Houston home in the Sharpstown area Thursday night.

Archie was found unarmed and taken into custody after a brief foot chase. Police believe Archie knew someone at the house, but no other arrests were made there.

"He claimed he could hear the search helicopter and the neighborhood dogs barking and, of course, being paranoid under the circumstances, he fled out the rear door," said Walker County Sheriff Clint McRae.

LaToya Wright was arrested this week. She's believed to have helped Archie escape and stashing a getaway car for him.

But it was another arrest at the steps of the jail that took us by surprise.

"Jackie, what's happening? Did you help him?" we asked Archie's mother, Jackie Archie.

"No," she answered.

"Why specifically is the charge?"

"Hindering apprehension," said one of the arresting deputies.

Jackie Archie, say authorities, is accused of helping her son by not providing information that could have led to his arrest. She told us Friday she didn't know where her son was, but did have a message for him.

"I love him and I have his back," she said. "I will do anything possible to make sure he gets legal representation."

The sheriff's office tells us they're reviewing policy after the way Archie escaped. He reportedly was using the phone when he overpowered a guard and got away.

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