Woman: Doctors left surgical instrument inside me

KATY, TX Grace Kehinde of Katy claims she almost died as a result of medical complications from having the surgical instrument left inside her body for nearly 10 years. Kehinde is now suing the two Houston doctors who operated on her.

Kehinde claims the surgical instrument was left inside her abdomen after the doctors performed a Caesarean section back in July 2001. The surgical procedure was performed by Kehinde's primary care physician, Dr. Carlos Mayo and Dr. Gregory Obi, her OB/GYN, at Bayou City Medical Center in southwest Houston.

Fast forward to last year, when according to the lawsuit, Kehinde was admitted to Memorial Hermann Hospital after severe abdominal pains accompanied by fever and chills. That's when doctors made the shocking discovery.

Kehinde was told she had to undergo surgery so they could remove it.

She claims, "The horrific medical crises that led to the surgery to remove the hemostat almost took her life."

No one answered the door at Dr. Obi's Sugar Land home. A receptionist at Mayo's southwest Houston clinic told us he was out of town on vacation.

According to the lawsuit, Kehinde underwent surgery to repair the damage done to her small bowel as a result of the surgical instrument left in her body. She claims she's been, "...left with a myriad of medical problems that has permanently lowered the quality of her life."

"They are supposed to inventory what they use inside the body," said KTRK Legal Analyst Joel Androphy.

While this seems like a clear cut case of negligence, Androphy says a conservative jury may not be so quick to convict.

"Especially if the doctors have a good record and no problems," he said. "Jurors may say, 'Hey, it's just a mistake on their part."

We checked and according to the Texas Medical Board, Dr. Obi had two malpractice claims lodged against him, but both were dismissed.

Dr. Mayo has been working with a restricted license since 1997. Before that, he was working in Canada and had five malpractice claims against him. In 2010, Mayo was accused of improper billing practices. As a result, he was put on probation and his medical license was suspended.

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