Liberty Co. ADA accused of deadly conduct

LIBERTY, TX Liberty County ADA Joe Warren surrendered on Wednesday morning, turning himself in at the Liberty County Sheriff's Office following accusations of tampering with a witness, making a terroristic threat and deadly conduct. Judge Don Burgess released Warren on a personal recognizance bond.

The case is under investigation by the Liberty County Special Crimes Unit within the sheriff's office. Authorities there, however, will not comment on the incident or incidents which led up to Wednesday's arrest. Contrary to public records laws that allow for the release of the most basic information about an offense, such as time, date or place of occurrence, Liberty County Sheriff's Office so far has refused our repeated requests for that information.

Even Liberty County District Attorney Mike Little says he knows very little about the investigation. He says authorities had not contacted him or his office before the arrest. He is shocked that this case is not being investigated by any grand jury or any outside agency.

"It's just an unusual situation. I'm having some difficulty and I'm quite puzzled about why it's being handled this way," Little said. "Now, what the sheriff's office apparently did is not illegal, don't get me wrong. But it's just so far out of the norm, I just don't know what the reason could be for that."

Warren is one of the prosecutors working on a gang rape case out of Cleveland where 19 men and boys are accused of assaulting an 11-year-old girl last fall. The DA does not expect these charges now to affect that rape case. There has been no indication either that the two cases could be related.

Warren is out of custody, awaiting trial. He has not been placed on any sort of leave from his prosecutorial duties.

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