Mom reportedly abducted, raped in SE Houston


The woman who says she was raped spent several hours at Memorial Hermann Hospital on Tuesday afternoon where she underwent all the lab tests rape victims go through afterwards. By nighttime, she was back home with her family. We are not identifying them because of the nature of the alleged crime.

It was mid-afternoon near the intersection of MLK and Reed Road in southeast Houston where the 19-year-old told Houston police she was attacked.

"I'm really upset," said the woman's husband. "I'm raged."

He was so angry that the International Guard reservist punched the wall and now nurses a wounded knuckle.

"To think of somebody in broad daylight to be able to do that to my wife," he said.

The mother of two told her family she was waiting at the bus stop when a man in a white two-door car grabbed her and forced her inside. He then took her to an abandoned house not too far away, she said, where he raped her. An hour later, he brought her back to the bus stop. She then ran home for help.

"She's hysterical, she's scared and she says she just feels nasty," the victim's mother said.

Her mother called police. Her family now wants to warn others, but also quietly wishes for revenge.

"They need to be castrated," the victim's mother said.

But they'll settle for an arrest and prosecution.

"I hope he gets caught before he does it to someone else if he hasn't already done it to someone else," the victim's mother said.

The suspect is described as a black male in his 50s with scars on his hand. He was wearing blue scrubs, a hat and sunglasses. He was driving a white, two-door sports car with a "C" on the steering wheel.

Anyone with information is urged to call Houston police.

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