Caregivers accused in assisted living center death


David Taylor, 28, died months ago at the Richmond State Supported Living Center in Fort Bend County, and now two workers there are facing charges.

One of those caregivers, Rivers Glover, Jr., 25, is still in custody at the Fort Bend County Jail. Detectives say he previously admitted striking the victim but later recanted.

On October 8, Taylor was found dead at the Richmond State Supported Living Center. More than eight months later now, his two caregivers -- Glover, Jr., and registered nurse Amara Oparanozie, 41, -- were arrested.

"An autopsy revealed he died from blunt force trauma to the abdomen," Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Craig Brady said.

Investigators alleged that Glover struck Taylor with some unknown object around 12:30 that morning. Glover was responsible for Taylor's non-medical care. He reported finding Taylor not breathing at 5am.

Authorities say nurse Oparanozie, however, had claimed she checked on Taylor at 12:30am and 4:30am and that he was fine. After an autopsy on Taylor proved he couldn't have been alive at those times, the nurse later admitted she did not make those checks.

"It's something I want to put behind me. I know he's in a better place now," said Taylor's father, Larry Taylor. "It's something I want to put behind me."

Taylor's father spoke to us by phone from his home near Dallas. He says David was moved to the Richmond facility six years ago, describing him as profoundly mentally challenged. He fears those who were supposed to be caring for his son there are the ones who might have contributed to his death.

"This has been an extremely difficult time that I want to put behind me. It probably is most disturbing because David could not talk, he could not defend himself, and the fact that he is now deceased," Larry Taylor said.

Glover has been charged with injury to a child/elderly/disabled person with intent, a first-degree felony which carries a 5 to 99-year sentencing range.

Oparanozie has been charged with injury to a child/elderly/disabled person with criminal negligence. That is a state jail offense with a sentence of up to two years.

Both were fired in February following a state investigation into the death.

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