Teen accused of boiling water attack on boyfriend goes before judge

HOUSTON Keira Jones, 17, is being held without bond after prosecutors say she threw a pot of boiling water on her boyfriend. He is now in the hospital and doctors say he may not survive.

She is a teenager and now she's jailed, accused of serious bodily injury to her boyfriend. If he dies, the charge could be increased.

The assault of which Keira Jones is accused is especially disturbing. Last Saturday, at the house she shared with her boyfriend, Ira Jones Jr., prosecutors say there was an argument.

"The defendant got mad at the complainant for talking to another woman and took a pot of boiling water and threw it on the complainant," said Donna Hawkins with the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Ira Jones Jr., also known as 'Tick,' is now on life support and in a coma. His burns, described as second degree, cover 15 percent of his body. In April, on his Facebook page, he posted affectionate messages for Keira Jones, to whom he referred as his wife.

In contrast, the day after he was burned, a posting on her Facebook page said Keira Jones is single. Three days ago, she posted, "You shouldn't have hurt me the way you did."

Keira Jones is charged with aggravated assault of a family member. She is now being held in the Harris County Jail without bond.

She was to have a bond setting court appearance Friday, but it was postponed until August.

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