Father trapped in house fire dies from injuries


Arson investigators wrapped up their investigation late Wednesday. They still aren't sure what caused the fire at the home off South Drive and Pine Knoll Wednesday afternoon. The house is unlivable, but that's the least of the family's worries. A father died as a result.

When firefighters pulled up to the home, an adult son had already managed to escape. He told firefighters his father was trapped inside. And firefighters tell us it was not easy trying to get him out.

"We actually had to get him out through a back window, which was up about a good four to five foot above the floor level, and he was pretty good size person, so it was a challenge to get him out the back window," Houston Fire Department Deputy Chief Blake White said.

That man was rushed to the hospital, where he died. Investigators say part of the problem in determining a cause right now is all the clutter inside, so they're not sure where it started.

The family also had two dogs. One did not make it.

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