Fawn rescued from Grimes County fire

HOUSTON On Tuesday, a helpless fawn was rescued from the fire in Grimes County. Officials with the SPCA say the fawn, which they've named 'Bambi,' is quite young.

Sharon Schmalz, Executive Director of the Wildlife Center of Texas, said, "She definitely smells of smoke and is approximately two weeks old."

"It's possible her mother was forced out by the fire and had to abandon her," added Dr. Frank Shuman, a Houston SPCA veterinarian

Currently, Bambi is being monitored and stabilized in a triage unit at the Wildlife Center of Texas. She is dehydrated and has received subcutaneous fluids. She was very hungry and was bottle-fed a deer milk formula which she readily drank. Bambi's eyes are being kept moist with a special natural tears solution since she has been exposed to smoke. In addition, her lungs are also being monitored by Dr. Shuman for possible smoke inhalation, but overall she is doing quite well.

Schmalz says the goal is to eventually release Bambi back into the wild.

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