Man accused of sexually assaulting boy he met at church

RICHMOND, TX Detectives tell us the suspect befriended the boy and his mother at church, eventually gaining the mother's trust enough so that she allowed her eight-year-old son to go on a swimming outing. Officials say that's when the alleged crime took place.

John Dolard, 53, was a volunteer in a church choir. Now they say he is behind bars, charged with the aggravated sexual assault of a child. Fort Bend County Sheriff's officers say Dolard confessed to the crime on Sunday.

Bob Haenel with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office said, "They were church friends and he had asked the mom if he could bring the son out to go swimming at his sister's home which is out here in the Richmond area and that's where the assault occurred."

Fort Bend County deputies say Dolard brought the eight-year-old to the BonBrook Plantation South subdivision where they say the assault took place.

While authorities are not saying much about the incident, they are asking for anyone who suspects Dolard of similar crimes to contact authorities.

"If they have had any association with him where they think some wrongdoing may have occurred, we are asking them to give the sheriff's office a call," Haenel said.

Parents who live in the Bonbrook Plantation South Subdivision say they have never seen Dolard and they were shocked to hear about the alleged crime.

"I am always at the pool with them. I would never let my kids go swimming with anybody that is not within the family," said resident Tonya Guillory.

Authorities say Dolard confessed to the crime. As for the church where Dolard met the boy and his mother, authorities say they are not releasing that information because it could help to identify the young victim in this case.

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