Three in custody after Pearland police chase

PEARLAND, TX "We were right here in the garage and we heard the helicopter and the siren and we came to look," witness Tony Hernandez said.

For more than an hour, the trio inside a Chevrolet Camaro sped through the streets of Brazoria County, swerving through traffic.

At one point, the driver made a sharp U-turn in a busy intersection.

Johlynn Omokeye was driving on FM 518 in Pearland when she found herself in the middle of the pursuit.

She had her younger brother and sister in the car and captured the chaos with her smartphone camera.

"The kids were screaming, but then one of the kids was like, 'I want to see!'" she said.

The chase would soon come to an end.

A police officer threw down spike strips but missed.

The speeding car raced into a Walmart parking lot and the people inside made a run for it.

A police cruiser bumped one of the fleeing suspects and pinned him against the fence to arrest him.

"One of them shot towards the police and they took off running. And they found one, he tried to get into the store but he ended up in the wrong door," Hernandez said.

That suspect was caught hiding in the restroom.

All three were taken into custody.

One of the young men involved told us he was 19 and said that he and his friends "messed up."

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