Mother of two shot to death in southeast Houston

HOUSTON The woman was shot at a home off Chennault and Chernbourg.

"I just can't believe it," said Lakesha Bellard, the victim's sister-in-law.

It's almost too much for Bellard to bear, holding a picture in her hand, knowing that her sister-in law was snatched away from her family, especially her three children

"This is my nephew, that's my niece," she said, looking at the picture.

The 37-year-old mom was caught in the crossfire and shot to death while two of her kids were inside their home.

"I just heard that it was over $50," said Bellard.

HPD homicide says it was an altercation between the victim's husband's friends that lead to an exchange of gunfire in front of the house.

"One of the rounds entering the residence, traveling through the garage and into the kitchen, striking the female complainant," said Officer B. Evans with the Houston Police Department.

Bellard says her sister-in-law was shot while leaning over the kitchen sink washing her hair as she prepared for a funeral the next day. The woman's mother-in-law was in the house when it happened.

"She said she heard her scream and she went in there and she called 911," said Bellard. "My mom saw her take her last breath."

Family members say it's still hard to imagine that she's gone

"I'm sorry," said Bellard. "I just can't believe it. She was a wonderful person, and you can't say that about everybody and I guess that's what makes it so hard for me."

Bellard says she had just spoke with her sister-in-law about a special Fathers Day trip she had planned in Galveston. She says she is now heartbroken to know she will never take that trip.

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