Multiple animal cruelty cases reported

HOUSTON These incidents come less than two weeks after a woman threw a puppy from a third floor window while in a fight with her partner.

In three of the five incidents, the behavior resulted in the death of the animals. One dog, although alive, has suffered extraordinary injuries.

According to BARC, the following cases are under investigation:

  • A man reportedly shot a Yorkshire terrier with a high-powered air rifle, killing the animal in the street in front of children.
  • A group of juveniles are suspected of beating a dog to death and burying it in a yard. One juvenile told an adult, who reported the situation to Houston police. BARC veterinarians are conducting a necropsy to verify beating as the cause of death.
  • A juvenile allegedly glued a kitten's mouth shut and subsequently drowned the animal.
  • A German shepherd was left in a vehicle in 98 degree heat for an extended amount of time while the owner conducted errands. The dog was seized pending a hearing to determine if it will be returned to the owner.
  • A group of juveniles apparently applied a propellant agent to a black and brown dachshund mix dog and set him on fire. The dog survived the incident and was delivered to BARC. After stabilizing the animal, BARC placed it into foster care with Paws Haven Rescue to receive special medical attention, pending an investigation.

Paws Haven Rescue named that surviving burned dog Cesar and delivered him to Westheimer Animal Clinic Bellaire for the extensive care. Contributions for the care of Cesar can be donated to Paws Haven Rescue or Westheimer Animal Clinic Bellaire.

"Too often, perpetrators of animal cruelty are young kids, and I just don't understand why," said Sgt. Virginia Brasher of the Houston Police Department. "I do know this has gone on too long in our city and it needs to stop. HPD is going to collaborate in every way it can to prove that a split-second decision to act out on an animal can impact your life in a negative way."

BARC is assisting the Houston Police Department and Harris County District Attorney's Office in the investigation of these crimes.

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