Woman tied up and robbed in her West University home

WEST UNIVERSITY, TX The woman says she thinks she was targeted by the three men who attacked her during her morning workout. Aside from that, she says she's doing OK but with some bumps and bruises.

West University police say three men walked up Cynthia McNeil's driveway when she was working out on her treadmill in her garage around 6:30am. She tussled with one of them. They duct-taped her and ransacked the house, taking guns, jewelry and her cell phone.

But McNeil says what the men said during the armed robbery was the most disturbing.

"It might be somebody I know," she said. "What one gentleman said -- one punk said, not gentleman. What one punk said was, 'You need to watch who your friends are.'"

The men also took McNeil's 2011 Audi S5. It has not yet been recovered. McNeil says she wants the men caught.

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