Election may be won by one vote

SUGAR LAND, TX The runoff election for the Sugar Land City Council race was held over the weekend and candidate Amy Mitchell appears to have won her contest by one vote. But that's not quite the end of the story.

Elections officials say the race has not yet been called. They're still waiting for two outstanding overseas ballots which have yet to come in.

Amy Mitchell is trying to stay focused on work after an energizing weekend in which she appears to have won the race for Sugar Land City Council District 3.

"What an incredible civics lesson! I am a walking civics lesson," she said.

Mitchell spent the last six months campaigning, and with just 16 percent of voters casting ballots in the race, she has eked out an edge. Of votes cast so far, she received 791 and her opponent Howard Paul has just 790.

"Your vote really counts," Mitchell said. "That one vote can make the difference."

The Richmond-based attorney says she is confident that vote will stand. Her opponent, Howard Paul, tells Eyewitness News he will be asking for a recount.

The Fort Bend Elections Office says there are two overseas ballots which could still come in.

"We can accept for tabulation through our last mail delivery on Thursday," explained Fort Bend County Election Adminstrator John Oldham. "There's a remote possibility one of those could come back and if so, it would be counted."

Oldman says that could swing this election. Those ballots had to be mailed the day before the election. Once received, the city of Sugar Land will call this election.

Mitchell remains confident.

She said, "I have no doubt that the people of Sugar Land have spoken and I will be the next City Council member of Sugar Land for District 3."

Mitchell's opponent is looking into allegations of voting irregularity.

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