Woman killed when sports car crashed into home

June 11, 2011 8:34:47 PM PDT
A woman is dead after a sports car crashed through a concrete wall and into the backyard of a home in Pasadena, and now officials say the driver is facing charges. According to investigators, the driver appeared to be intoxicated and may have been racing.

Neighbors say they've seen other cars speeding nearby and they're worried a crash could happen again.

The wreck happened around 2am Saturday off NASA Road 1 near Denton Dr.

"I thought it was thunderstorm passing through, but when we looked out, we didn't see any rain," homeowner Edwin Draviam said.

Draviam was surprised by what he saw. The destruction was massive.

A Corvette careened through this cinderblock fence, slamming through several windows and destroying his courtyard.

"I'm showing you the stop sign. It was carried about 100 feet from the street into my backyard. The car's tire went through my fence and into my neighbor's yard," Draviam said. "I never imagined it."

The male driver was taken to a nearby hospital. Pasadena police say he had been speeding, possibly racing a motorcycle along NASA Parkway.

Authorities also believe the driver was drunk.

His female passenger was killed instantly.

Neighbors say this stretch of NASA Parkway near Texas 146 is a favorite spot for speeders.

"Sometimes, especially on weekends, you hear the motorcycles going by really fast," neighbor Ron Wells said.

Draviam said he's grateful his family was not injured.

"We built this wall for a sound barrier, but didn't think it was for protection," he said. "I can't believe it happened this way."

The names of the man and woman were not released Saturday.