Cadet suing Patti LaBelle talks to ABC13


Richard King is now suing the singer for the attack and Houston police have launched an investigation into how the case was handled in the first place.

What happened and was captured on video is the focus of a criminal investigation. HPD homicide investigators are interviewing several witnesses who've come forward since the video was released, witnesses who contacted lawyer John Raley. Raley is asking for felony charges.

"Assault and battery of a felony nature as I understand requires a serious level of injury and we have that here," he said.

Raley represents King, the man in the yellow shirt in the video. He is seen being beaten and shoved into a concrete pillar by members of Labelle's entourage. HPD initially listed King as a suspect who was harassing Labelle and members of her staff.

"I believe I was victimized," said King.

In an exclusive interview earlier this week, King says he wants to clear his name and is suing Labelle and her entourage, which includes Labelle's son, Zuri Edwards, who is seen in the red shirt in the video striking King.

Reports that King was drunk at the time are false, says his attorney.

"He had some drinks on the plane, which we've never denied," said Raley. "He was in no way publicly intoxicated. He was in no way a danger to himself or others."

An HPD internal affairs investigation into actions by police officers is continuing. Two officers are seen taking photographs with Labelle inches away from King's blood. King's lawyer criticized HPD for interviewing only Labelle and her entourage.

The names of the officers being investigated cannot be released because the investigation is ongoing. The criminal investigation is also ongoing.

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