Body identified as missing woman

HOUSTON Fred Doyle is the long time downstairs neighbor of Ware and remembers her fondly

"She was a very nice lady, very nice, very quiet," he said. "(She was) very polite, very respectful, offered me Meals on Wheels."

So when searchers found a body just a block from his apartment Thursday, Doyle immediately thought of his missing neighbor. Even before Humble police had a positive identification, they were talking to Ware's boyfriend.

"We have interviewed the boyfriend," explained Lt. Jay Wrobliske with the Humble Police Department. "He is cooperating with the investigation, he did come in yesterday. We are working the leads we have."

Detectives describe Ware's boyfriend as a person of interest. Neighbors say he often parked his white truck next to Ware's Honda, which is still at the apartment complex. Doyle said he saw Ware's boyfriend at the apartment after she disappeared.

"Continuing to live on and I heard him showering and walking around and cooking," Doyle recalled. "I saw his truck out there."

Doyle said he saw Ware's boyfriend as recently as Thursday morning.

Detectives are checking on the story from her boyfriend that he traveled to Las Vegas alone on May 27, and didn't know Ware was missing. Family members thought that Ware was in Las Vegas at the time as well.

Lt. Wrobliske said, "We're trying to get information just to confirm his story that he's given us and make sure everything lines up. It takes time getting subpoenas through the courts."

Investigators say Ware's boyfriend is not a suspect. However, police did say his wife was murdered in 2000. That case was never solved and has been assigned to the cold case squad.

Family and friends are hoping Lakendra's killer will be quickly brought to justice.

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