Four suspects arrested in arson fire


It was an act of revenge, investigators say, that triggered the four teenagers to terrorize a family. But little did they know, several neighbors caught the dirty work on tape.

"These things came in the middle of the night to try to do something wrong. The night turned into day and guess what -- Tag you're it. You've been caught," said the fire victim.

This upset dad doesn't want to show his face. But he says the four arrested teens were caught on surveillance camera torching his car and house after they got into a disagreement with his son.

Harris County arson investigators say 18-year-old Vincent Castillo was the ringleader who terrorized his classmate's family on Bayou Crest.

"I get up in the middle of the night at 2:30, look out the window wondering what's going on," said the fire victim.

In addition to Castillo, 17-year-olds Jovani Rivas, Eric Rivera and Hirbin Berrera are charged as adults facing felony arson charges.

Investigators say after images of the teens' getaway car were released, tips came in from students at Klein Forest High School where the boys attend school.

The victims say they are glad neighbor's security cameras helped lead to an arrest.

"The neighborhood has gone from letting people come through and try to take it over to now we're in control of it," said the fire victim.

Neighbors are relieved about the arrests.

Meanwhile, arson investigators are still searching for the person, or persons, responsible for a string of arsons all across southwest Houston.

According to the fire department, there have been 30 arson fires in apartment complexes dating back to January 2010. Authorities believe they're all connected based on where they were started, the time of day and the fact that accelerants were used in all of the incidents.

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