Does it really matter where you buy your makeup?


Would you throw away $10 like a piece of trash? No, that doesn't make sense. We know that with convenience come at a price, but exactly how much? We set out to price compare the exact same four cosmetics at the drug store, the grocery store and the discount store to see how much.

Some women say when it comes to shopping for cosmetics, they search for the sales. Other women say they shop where it's the most convenient.

But exactly how much more are you paying for a trip to your corner drug store? We had to find out, so we picked the same exact products at three different stores -- Walgreens, Walmart and Kroger.

Our four products we randomly selected were Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow, Cover Girl's LashBlast, Maybelline's SuperStay Lip Color and L'Oreal's True Match foundation.

Walgreens' Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow is $6.99, while Kroger's price is $5.24 and Walmart had the best price for $4.97, which is more than $2 cheaper than Walgreens' price.

At Walgreens Maybelline's 24-Hour Super Stay Lip Color is $9.99. But it's the cheapest at Kroger for $7.35. That a savings of $2.64!

L'Oreal's True Match foundation is the most expensive at Walgreens' for $10.99; Walmart's price is $8.47 and Kroger once again was the best price at $8.24, a savings of $2.75 compared to Walgreens' price.

Our final product is Cover Girl's LashBlast, mascara. Walgreens' price was $8.99 but Walmart was the best deal for $5.94. That's $3 cheaper than the drug store price!

Since some of our shoppers like buying make up on sale. We tested that theory to see if that's a better deal.

At Walgreens', we found the Revlon eye shadow buy one get one half off. Remember the price was $6.99. Walmart's price is $4.97 each. If we bought two eye shadows on sale at Walgreens, the price is $10.49. Two at Walmart at the regular price is $9.94 -- still cheaper than the sale price at Walgreens.

Our total for each shopping trip came out to $36.96 at Walgreens, $27.32 at Walmart and $26.82 at Kroger. Kroger was the winner. More than $10 cheaper than the drug store!

The bottom line is the drug store was the most expensive. But we talked to Super Saver Erin Libranda, and she says you can save more than half off cosmetics at the drug store by playing the drug store game. You will have to combine manufacturer coupons, store coupons and reward bucks.

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