Father shot to death at trailer park

BACLIFF, TX Galveston County Sheriff's investigators are calling this a case of complete confusion. They are still interviewing witnesses so as of right now the suspected shooter is not facing any criminal charges.

A deadly shooting at a trailer park in Bacliff has left grieving family members with a lot a of questions.

The victim's mother Gladys Ross said, "I had just dropped him off and I barely made it home. It happened that fast."

Relatives say Jason Vercher, 31, was fatally shot while his friend, Joshua Davis, fought with another man outside the suspected shooter's trailer.

"So he walked out, shot twice in the air," Davis recalled. "Jason tried to tell him there's no knives no guns, it's a one on one, then pow! He shot him in the chest."

After the shooting, the alleged shooter dropped the gun and ran away. Investigators say someone picked it up and chased him into a nearby trailer where he allegedly used an 18-month-baby as a human shield.

Jason's brother Christopher Vercher said, "He picked up the baby, like this, held it like this, and said don't shoot, don't shoot me, don't shoot me."

Police took the suspected shooter into custody and interviewed several eyewitnesses. They are not yet calling it a homicide.

"We'll make our presentation to the district attorney today and sit down and talk about where we are at in the investigation to determine if charges are appropriate at this time," explained Major Ray Tuttoilmondo with the Galveston County Sheriff's Department.

Vercher is a father of two lives in Louisiana. He was in town visiting family. His stepbrother lives at the trailer park where the shooting happened.

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