Firefighter injured battling recycling center fire

HOUSTON The fire at the facility on Railhead near Golden Spike broke out around 2:30am. There's a lot of paper, cardboard boxes, aluminum cans and plastic inside.

Chief Joe Williams with the Houston Fire Department tells Eyewitness News that all of those items were separated, but it was the cardboard boxes and paper that really helped to fuel the fire and keep it going for some time.

The fire chief says it looks like embers flew off a passing 18-wheeler, which started the fire.

"Apparently, there was maybe some embers brought in by one of the trucks and it just sat there and burned for a while and then it finally got going," said Chief Williams.

There are forklifts and bulldozers inside the facility, but none of the heavy equipment was damaged. Firefighters have checked out the surveillance video from the facility and they say they see nothing suspicious.

One firefighter was injured due to a fall. He was transported and is expected to be OK.

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