Teens help save girl from drowning

PEARLAND, TX At the Summerwind apartments in Pearland there was nearly a tragedy in a pool which warns that there is no lifeguard on duty.

Rescuer Raven Hill said, "I was like very shocked, and I was just trying to get their attention to help me."

On an otherwise normal Sunday afternoon, Raven says she noticed something abnormal right at the bottom.

She said, "I didn't really want to touch her. I was scared. I didn't know what to do."

Raven told her sister Zoe, who went and got help.

"I was like, 'Sir, there's a girl underwater, a girl underwater,'" Zoe Hill recalled. "I just kept repeating that until we finally got over there."

She told her friend Elizabeth Mitchell, who dove to the bottom.

Elizabeth said, "Her face was toward the vent, her butt was in the air. She was -- dead."

Elizabeth says she lifted that child off the bottom and helped an adult get her out of the pool. That man started mouth-to-mouth, which authorities say resuscitated her. The girl was rushed to the hospital and we're told she is alive.

The teens say they've been called heroes -- a designation which they say feels good.

Zoe said, "It makes me proud. It makes me want to hold my head up high."

Because all too often they know, many stories like this end tragically at the bottom of a pool.

Investigators are talking to the child's aunt to figure out what happened prior to the incident. At this point they're calling what happened an accident, but this time, thanks to some very observant teenagers, it is not a tragic one.

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