Woman accused of throwing dog out of window


Nidra F. Billard is charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals. According to court documents, on June 1 Billard intentionally and knowingly tortured the animal by throwing it out of a window. Billard, 30, was arrested the same day.

Prosecutors say Billard was at her boyfriend's apartment when they got into a verbal altercation. He left to get away from her and she got mad and allegedly threw the man's 6-week-old pitbull puppy from the third floor balcony.

The puppy survived, prosecutors told us, but the dog could not move or walk at the scene and had contusions on its head and back as well as broken blood vessels in its eyes.

The dog is still being evaluated by BARC vets.

Billard's bond has been set at $5,000.

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