Storms cause damage throughout Houston area

ATASCOCITA, TX Crews worked through the night to restore power, but they say it could take six to eight hours before everybody is back up and running. Today is all about cleanup for Roy Findley and most of his neighbors.

"The tornado just picked the roof up and set it down," he said.

They are all convinced what they lived through Sunday night was a quick tornado.

"I just saw the twirling and the swirling and the noise was unbelievable," said storm victim Dana Bryant.

The winds whipped Bryant's trampoline, flung it over her trees and right into her neighbor's building.

"The trampoline was literally wrapped around the building," she said. "That is a lot of power."

As the violent wind wound through the neighborhood, it lifted entire garage doors, snapped solid trees and it tilted a car shed.

Another resident's truck took a beating from the flying debris.

"It went up on top of the roof, it came back and hit my beautiful truck once, went back up and I guess it didn't like my truck because it hit it again," said the resident.

Crews will spend the day untangling power lines and while they all clean up, homeowners wait for power and water to start flowing again sooner than what workers anticipate.

"We don't have a generator at home, so it may be something we go buy now," said resident Brandi Mueller.

At this point, no injuries related to the storms have been reported in our viewing area.

There is a burn ban in place so officials suggest compiling all of the trash for Thursday's heavy day trash pickup.

CenterPoint is working to restore power to thousands of customers. At the height of the storm, 70,000 customers were without lights. At least 4,500 are still without power by midday Monday.

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