Family claims off-duty officer chased teen into home

KINGWOOD, TX Witnesses on Quiet Glade Court tell us they watched that barefoot off-duty officer chase the boy down the street. Now the teen's parents are demanding some answers, and action.

The glass on the front door is broken, and the people living here say you can still see an off-duty officer's trail of blood around their home.

"He put his face to the window and then he punched a hole in the window so he can see through it and then he just opened the door," said Matthew Pifer.

Pifer, 16, says it was last Friday when an off-duty Houston police officer who lives nearby chased him and his friend for allegedly no reason.

"He was intoxicated," said Pifer. "I smelled a ton of alcohol off of him. He was drunk."

The teen says that officer was barefoot and only wearing a bathing suit as the man barged through and broke his family's front door. Pifer says the officer assaulted him and threatened his sister until a neighbor stepped in to help.

"He was a bit out of control," recalled neighbor Beth Redmond. "He just kept saying that he was a police officer and he had the right."

Redmond says he asked the officer what triggered the chase as she bandaged his bleeding hand.

"He said he smelled cigarette smoke," she explained.

Pifer claims neither he nor his friends were smoking, just hanging out near a stop sign between his and the accused officer's home.

"He thought that we were going to, like, vandalism his house, but we weren't," Pifer insisted. "We were going to someone else's house and he thought we were going to his and he started chasing us."

We've chosen not to identify the officer. But a spokesman from the Houston Police Department confirms internal affairs has launched an investigation.

Pifer's parents say they not only want their door fixed, they say they want to press charges against the accused officer.

So far that accused officer has not returned our calls.

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