Students return to class following fight

HOUSTON Students are back on campus for finals as the school year winds down at Clear Brook High School near Friendswood.

District officials say a fight that broke out Thursday started over a cell phone. The fight sent three teachers to the hospital. All of them are back on the job.

A mother and daughter also headed back to class feel it's OK to return.

"I feel good," said parent Shawntay Bell. "I feel good about it, I don't feel bad about it."

"Just be careful, watch out, and hopefully nothing happens," said student Alasia Davis.

The other students we talked to say, as promised by the school district, they definitely experienced an increase in security when it comes to officer presence and leaving class.

Student Mohammad Rehmat said, "If you really need to go, you can go. Otherwise, if you need to go to the library, can't leave class."

"I've seen officers just about everywhere I go, blocking off certain places," said student Joseph Strane.

With six students facing discipline, the district is hoping the increased security will keep the campus free of fighting.

Strane said, "That's what students do, but I think because it's the end of the year, they're starting to do it more."

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