Hundreds remember nun killed in wreck

HOUSTON From the choir at the front to the doors at the back, they packed the church to remember Sister Do. Sister Therese Huong Do made quite an impact in her 35 years of life but especially when it came to children.

"This is a candle that we made during our confirmation year," said former student Jimmy Pham.

Pham remembers her teachings well.

"She really had a happy soul. Every time you look at her, she was smiling and she was so influential," said Pham.

Do was so inspiring to so many at Vietnamese Martyrs Church.

"She taught us a lot, how to get through life," said Mary Pham. "She always encouraged us to never give up."

Do of the Vietnamese Dominican Sisters was killed while driving to church early Sunday morning. Police in the city of South Houston say 19-year-old Marcos Garza ran a stop sign and struck her. He's suspected of drinking and driving and is now charged with intoxication manslaughter.

Her work as director of religious education impacted thousands of young people and she was working on the next class of graduates.

"I'm pretty sure she really loved me," said student Minh Nguyen. "This is me at the awards ceremony. She looked at me and smiled. She was like a mother to me and I really miss her."

"I'm so sad but now I believe sister is in heaven," said Minh's father, Thuan Nguyen.

There was something about the way she connected to her students.

"Her mind was not like most nuns," said former student Joseph Nguyen. "Most nuns are a little bit more strict than her, she was a little more lenient among the youth and she understands us a little bit better."

That makes her irreplaceable.

"I really want her to come back," said Minh.

Her sisters at Mary Immaculate Province were best able to talk about her by releasing a statement that in part invites the suspect and his family to attend her funeral and mass on Saturday.

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