Police: Student used tattoo kit in school bathroom

HOUSTON Neither investigators nor the school district is confirming how the student who was allegedly caught with the tattoo equipment was punished. But doctors we talked to say there's a reason parents should be on alert.

It was at Magnolia Junior High where investigators with the Montgomery County Precinct 5 Constable's Office say a student was up to no good with some professional tattoo equipment. And some parents in Magnolia ISD don't like hearing about it one bit.

"It's just disappointing," said parent Michelle Brady.

Deputy constables tell us the student was using a boys restroom as a make-shift tattoo parlor until a campus officer walked in on him.

"It shouldn't be tolerated at all. I mean, just the health issues. That's what's really scary about it," said parent Kim Jones.

It's still unclear where the boy got the tattoo kit or if he used it on any students before officers caught him. Still, doctors say there are some health risks when tattoos are done by amateurs.

"The equipment is not sterilized usually. And the equipment, even if it's professional, is not maintained appropriately between consumers," said Dr. Valencia Thomas of the UT Health Medical School.

Dr. Thomas is a dermatologist and says parents should be aware tattoos from unlicensed artists could lead to skin infections. She also says a bathroom is not the place to get one done.

"There are numerous bacterial pathogens that can be picked up from public bathrooms and from different areas. The most common types of bacteria are associated with staph and strep," Dr. Thomas said.

She says parents should know there's a high risk of e-coli, salmonella, hepatitis, herpes, and even HIV.

"You just hope that your kids are smart enough to make the right decision," Brady said.

Again we spoke with a Magnolia ISD spokesperson who told us he will not confirm nor deny if the tattoo incident took place. He only says if something did happen, it was dealt with.

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