Mag: Hubcap Grill may have best burger in America


The lunchtime crowd at Hubcap Grill spills out onto the street where you can smell what they're waiting for. The crowded hole in the wall is what many consider hamburger heaven.

"This is the best hamburger downtown. This is the best hamburger I've had," said Bruce Searcy.

"It's just really juicy and the bread is really soft and I like that about a hamburger," said Rita Hicks.

Travel + Leisure magazine just rated Houston as the top burger city in the country, and said the Hubcap Grill may just have the best burger in America.

"You're gonna wait an extra 15 minutes, but you're gonna get the best burger in Houston," said chef and owner Ricky Craig.

Craig has 20 varieties on the menu. Customer favorites include the Philly cheesesteak burger, the Muffaletta burger, and the Greek burger.

"It's juicy. I love feta cheese, so I got the Greek one. So I definitely recommend this burger," said Mario Gimenez.

Not for the faint of heart, or the cardiologist, is the quadruple heart clogger -- it's a beef patty, a hot dog, bacon, chili, and cheese. There is also a triple burger that has a full pound of beef.

If you're looking to try something unusual, you may want to give the sticky burger a try. It's a rare combination that includes beef, American cheese and peanut butter. A rare combination, but it's extremely popular with customers.

Craig says the secrets to his success are freshness and a refusal to compromise on anything.

"We do our hand-formed patties, never frozen. We're not gonna have it here. If I don't like the quality of the potatoes, we're not gonna have 'em," said Craig.

After watching customer after customer devour these burgers, there is one thing we can practically guarantee, you are not going to leave the Hubcap Grill hungry.

    Hubcap Grill
    1111 Prairie St.
    Open 11am - 3pm Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday.
    Cash only. Catering available with a Hubcap burger truck.

And we're told the Hubcap is opening a new location next month in the Heights on 19th St at Durham.

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