Storms in N. Texas strand passengers at IAH

HOUSTON According to an airport spokesperson, about 100 travelers spent the night at Bush Intercontinental Airport after nine flights were diverted to Houston because of the violent weather in Dallas. Those passengers were given temporary beds to sleep on. Dozens of them lined the hallways in the baggage claim area.

While some planes already on their way to Dallas were diverted to Houston, others were canceled for the night altogether. This, after scattered tornadoes, hail and severe thunderstorms swept throught the Dallas area.

Travelers inside Dallas airports were moved to basements, interior stairwells and restrooms. In Dallas, dozens of flights were canceled and dozens of others were divereted and some of those passengers landed in Houston.

"We were shocked," said stranded passenger Joann Cisneros. "We actually came down thinking we would have to sleep in shifts and sleep on the linoleum so this is great. And they brought us wet ones and they brought us little care packages."

"It's hard to complain about weather where we're at given all the things that have taken place in Missouri and places like that," said Jeff Fox.

"Whenever there's an act of God like that, you just hope that you're not going to be victimized by that. So of course we all felt a sense of relief, but at the same time there is a great inconvenience," said Adam Payne.

Many of those passengers tell Eyewitness News they have already been rebooked and hope to fly out before more expected bad weather.

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