Warning goes out to Galveston beach-goers

GALVESTON, TX "My daughter, Emma, learned to body surf for the first time so it was great," Galveston visitor James Llewellyn said.

But she learned only under a watchful eye.

"We can feel the pull but we tried to make sure we were staying safe," Llewellyn said.

For the second evening in a row, U.S. Coast Guard boats were just off the beach searching for who they believed to be a missing swimmer. A lifeguard thought he saw a man go under. After a two hour search, they found no one, which may be good news.

"He may have gotten around the lifeguard," Galveston Beach Patrol Chief Peter Davis said.

On Monday night, it wasn't. A 23-year-old Houston man was caught up in a rip current near a rock pier and never re-surfaced.

Galveston's beach patrol is constantly warning swimmers who get dangerously close to the piers. In fact, Davis shed his clothes and pulled three guys out right after this advice.

"Our rock piers and jetties have these rip currents next to them. You want to stay real far away from those rocks. Obey the instructions of the lifeguard. You want to swim where a lifeguard is and don't swim by yourself," Davis said.

Wind has been 20 miles per hour for the last two months. Red flags are flying meaning dangerous water and strong surf and currents.

As they prepare for the Memorial Day crowd this weekend, they want everyone to heed the warning.

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