Dilbert allows viewers to personalize comic strip

May 23, 2011 1:01:33 PM PDT
The office life depicted in Dilbert often preys on real-life attitudes and fears. Now, readers of the character can swap places with the eternally befuddled office drone and his not-so-sharp cubicle dwellers. Peanuts Worldwide, the marketing agent for Dilbert, says readers can now personalize up to 25 separate Dilbert comic strips with their own images and share them online with others.

Created by Scott Adams, Dilbert is carried by more than 2,000 publications worldwide, printed collections and an animated series.

Using technology created by PixFusion, readers can upload a photo to www.pixfusion.com, select an animated strip and personalize it with their own image, becoming Boss, Wally, Alice or Carol.

The strips can be shared via Facebook and other social networking sites and cost 99 cents per strip.