10-year-old dies in accidental shooting


The little boy and his younger sister were accompanying their mother at a repair shop Irvington Boulevard near Tidwell -- until a gunshot rang out.

Around 2:30pm Friday, a single gunshot rang out from the office inside a car repair shop, a gunshot that killed a 10-year-old little boy while his younger sister watched.

"I'm just shocked, that's what I have to say," said Hugo Alcarez.

Alcarez's cousin owns this repair shop and the gun, which was purchased apparently after the shop was repeatedly robbed.

"They robbed him two or three times already, so my cousin just needed something for protection, that's when they got the gun," Hugo Alcarez said.

Investigators say the 10-year-old's mother brought her car in to be worked on; as she and the shop owner were looking at the car, the kids apparently ran inside to the office.

"The little boy, he went to the office and he got my cousin's gun, so then the little boy was playing with it and the little girl was with him, and the little boy shot himself and he died," said Nancy Aviles, a relative of the store owner.

Houston police took the shop owner in for questioning, but for now, they're not talking about criminal charges.

"It appears it was accidental, he had access to firearm and hehandled it. At this point it appears to be a tragic accident," HPD. Sgt. Kevin Deese said.

All signs points to a 10-year-old playing with a gun and accidentally killing himself.

That little boy's mother was so distraught that she had to spend a long time getting checked out in an ambulance.

An investigation is ongoing, so detectives are still trying to determine whether any charges will be filed.

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