Suspect in home invasion case re-arrested


As soon as people heard that Erick Carranza was a free man posting bond, the Harris County Sheriff's Office started hearing about it from citizens because they were outraged.

Meanwhile, Montgomery County authorities were preparing a warrant for his arrest. He was one month from completing probation, but now he's back in jail.

"Mr. Carranza, do you want to say anything to the victim?" we asked Erick Carranza.

But Carranza had nothing to say Thursday night as he headed to jail for the second time in four days. He was on probation for a theft out of Montgomery County. Now accused of a ruthless crime against a 76-year-old man, that probation has been yanked.

"You just can't imagine someone doing this to someone's grandpa," Harris Co. Sheriff's Office Lt. Jeff Stauber said.

According to investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's Office, Carranza and Junior Velasquez, a man he had picked up at a day laborer's site, forced their way into the victim's home in northwest Harris County, bound his hands and feet with duct tape and wrapped him in a blanket.

They stole guns, a vehicle, a trailer and left the man lying there -- for two days. Fearing death, he managed to roll out his back door and down a 100-yard-long driveway before a neighbor came to his rescue.

The two suspects are charged with aggravated robbery and unlawful restraint causing serious bodily injury. Carranza made the $50,000 bond Wednesday.

On Thursday night, as he wedged himself into the back of a patrol car, he remained silent.

Investigators believe residents and the victim should feel relieved.

"He (the victim) just had the concern that this guy was out and not knowing what could happen, so tonight, he can sleep well. We are going to contact him and let them know he's back in custody and that he don't have to worry," Stauber said.

Montgomery County authorities have 10 days to come get Carranza for the probation violation charge.

Investigators say Carranza, who is married, recruited the other guy to help carry out this crime because he was having money problems.

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