Website, phone app helps find sale items


Well, you might be able to do it with a phone application and search engine called Sale Locator.

With so many phone apps and search engines, it's hard to find which ones actually do the job they claim to do. But because this app called Sale Locator can not only save time, but gas money too, we had to check it out.

Sale Locator is a shopping sales search engine and iPhone app. It previews, compares and maps out the best sales by using your current location or a ZIP code to find the specific sales in your area. More than 225,000 sales are updated daily.

"You can kinda look and see what is on sale, plan ahead, that way you are not driving all over, back and forth, zigzagging; you can make a round trip and yeah, definitely you'd be save on gas," Super Saver Erin Librnada said.

But we wanted to put the app to the test to see if we really can save time, money and gas.

Our first stop was Party City, where the app tells us "select" party supplies are buy one get one free. A quick check inside and find cups, plates and napkins are buy one get one free.

Our next stop, just right next door is Thomasville Furniture. The Sale Locator app says items here are tax free. When we get to our location, we find the advertisements on the outside spells out the sale.

When it comes to finding a specific item on sale, simply type the item are looking for. We searched for shorts and a list of stores that have current sales comes up. If you want to be more specific, type in kids shorts and you get a new list of matches.

While Libranda likes this feature, she says it was a little inconsistent when she was trying to find Blue Bell ice cream.

"Too much comes up so you want to narrow it down to just ice cream or maybe Blue Bell," Libranda said.

We searched for "Pepsi" and according to found the best sale was at C-V-S. Pepsi products here are four 12-packs for $13 but you get an additional pack free when you use your C-V-S card. We checked in at C-V-S and that sale was current!

Our final stop was at Walgreens. According to the app, a pack of "Walgreens" brand 72-count of paper plates was 99 cents but when we got to the store, the price was two for $3. That was wrong, but as we checked out we noticed a coupon for 99 cents so now we know the app also lets you in on the store coupons sales!

The bottom line is all the sales we found on the Sale Locator app checked out. They are updated daily and the best part, they also let you know how long the sale is good for. We did however notice, the sales are limited to major retailers and franchises so don't expect to see located the sales of small locally owned shops.

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