Transgendered widow of firefighter to get TV show

HOUSTON Wharton volunteer firefighter /*Thomas Araguz*/ III was killed in July 2010 while fighting a fire. Legal battles over his death benefits brought to light the fact that his widow, /*Nikki Araguz*/, was transgendered.

Nikki was born a male and underwent gender modification surgery, she says, after the marriage. That remains a bitter point of debate with other family members, who say Thomas was unaware his wife was transgender until shortly before his death.

But Nikki is now announcing her own new reality show, "Being Nikki." The show follows Nikki as she copes with the death of her husband, the legal battle regarding her late husband's estate, lobbying for marriage equality, participating in a documentary about her life, and writing her autobiography.

The series purports to offer viewers "an honest, up-close and personal view at real life complexities of being a transsexual in this modern age. "

In addition to her daily life, the show expects to take a glimpse into Nikki's dating life. Producers are searching for single men willing to date Nikki. Interested persons can submit their contact information to

The determination if the marriage between Thomas and Nikki was legal in the state of Texas has not been decided. The death benefits have not yet been awarded to either Nikki or Thomas' young sons from a previous marriage.

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