Man busted for drugs at police station

SANTA FE, TX On Wednesday at about 5:15pm, Ryan Dan Wheeler drove up and entered the court office in Santa Fe. A police officer spotted Wheeler and recognized him from a previous arrest in February and recalled Wheeler had a suspended driver's license, so he entered the court area and arrested him.

Police say that upon searching Wheeler, officers found a syringe, a bag containing cocaine and additional paraphernalia. When asked why he would come to the police department with drugs, Wheeler allegedly told officers he was just there to pay a traffic ticket. A subsequent search of his vehicle led to more paraphernalia to include packaging, a scale and a large glass pipe used to smoke narcotics, according to police.

Wheeler, 30, was charged with possession of a controlled substance and booked into the Santa Fe City jail on a $70,000 bond. His bond was based on his extensive criminal history.

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