Boy, 6, injured in shooting in NW Harris County


Deputies do know that the bullet came from outside the house and the boy was an innocent bystander. It happened early Monday evening near Fry Road and West Little York in northwest Harris County.

Deputies say the boy is in serious condition as they're trying to find out who's responsible.

You can see exactly where the bullet entered the home and struck the little boy while he was inside with his mother. It brought back painful memories for neighbor Peg Allen who lost her adult son to a gunshot wound.

"My son was 34, and it doesn't matter how old your child is. It's your child and you still suffer the same way," Allen said.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the Grand Colony Court home after 5pm Monday. Witnesses say three to four shots were fired, but investigators don't know if the home was targeted or it was a random act.

"It's sad. You don't like to see kids get hurt at all. He was caught in the crossfire of whatever happened for whatever reason," Harris County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Richard Newby said.

Detectives say they've never been called to the home before. It's not clear if it was a drive-by shooting, someone walked up or people in two cars may have been shooting at each other, but it brought neighbors into the streets hoping those questions are answered.

"It makes me really question our neighborhood now -- really, really does -- because I always tell everybody in my neighborhood violence is not the answer and this was probably over something stupid stuff, you know, and now a little boy got hurt," neighbor Shannon Martinez said.

Investigators aren't releasing the boy's name.

Deputies have talked to many witnesses, but their accounts have car descriptions going in different directions, so it's been very difficult for investigators to piece this incident together.

One witness says the car was silver, another says it was a tan car, so they're still looking for anyone with information.

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