Organization gives veteran new home


Several groups were on hand Monday for the presentation, donating free furniture, appliances and electricity. Flanked by flags and cheering crowds, Sgt. Andrew Beeley made his way to his new home.

The Beesley family is made up of six military veterans. All, of course, are more deeply aware of the miracle of Sgt. Beesleyy

On Monday, he could walk into his new home, but four years ago, while in Iraq, Beesley lost five friends in five days and his own convoy was hit with an IED, then another.

The attacks are quite a contrast to his new surroundings.

"It's beautiful, it's amazing," he said.

He barely survived that attack but was left with a traumatic brain injury causing memory loss and permanent back problems.

On Monday, only emotion held him back.

"I think it's going to take a few days to sink in. This is such an amazing thing that has happened to my family. I just don't know what to say other than thank you to everyone in the community, for everything they've done," Sgt. Beesley said.

It's a gift of a new home and a fitting tribute to a soldier willing to give the gift of life.

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