Pasadena cop killer pleads guilty

HOUSTON Sergio Robles will serve a 40 year sentence in a psychiatric prison unit in Lubbock after pleading guilty to murder. Prosecutors reduced the charge from capital murder because of Robles' long history of mental illness.

Robles said he was sorry after a judge sentenced him to 40 years for killing Officer Hamilton. Hamilton's brother read aloud a letter, written by the officer's widow, as part of the victim impact statement.

"I've never wished death on anyone but it would have been a huge relief if you died that day, too," Chance Hamilton read. "I hope your life is so miserable that you look forward to death."

It was August 2009 and Robles had just finished serving a DWI sentence when he shot and killed Officer Hamilton. Robles' mother says her son is schizophrenic and claims he was denied his medication in jail. She called police to her home after he went on a rampage. On Thursday, Olga Garcia was overwhelmed with emotion as she made this request to Hamilton's family after the sentencing.

"I'm sorry to the Hamilton family and I can't say nothing else but forgive us and hope to God because I know they are Christians too and they will understand that it was not my son," she cried.

Hamilton left behind a loving wife and two young daughters who adored him. From the letters read in open court from Hamilton's widow, daughter, sister and mother it was clear his absence has left a huge hole, not just in their hearts but in the lives of everyone who knew him.

Jesse's mother Glenda Hamilton said, "Our family cannot express the deep sense of loss that we and his fellow officers feel. We believe that today's sentence represents a step towards the justice that this case required."

Robles will be eligible for parole in 18 years.

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