Two motorcyclists killed in weather-related accident

CUT AND SHOOT, TX The accident happened around 6:15pm on Highway 105. It was an ugly mess Gary Cox barely escaped.

"Sprained wrist, sprained thumb, got some road rash," he said.

He and his wife were heading east on Highway 105 on their way to a biker rally in Beaumont. He says he swerved to miss a car in front of him while just behind him, a pickup truck careened into a group of three motorcycles heading in the opposite direction.

"It was us and it was them. We didn't even hear it," Jane Cox said.

But when the couple turned around, they saw the wreck.

The driver of the pickup told DPS investigators he hydroplaned. Two of the bikes avoided a collision. The third carrying a husband and wife did not. Allen J. Hayes, 50, and Tammy D. Hayes, 47, of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, were killed.

It seems the slick roads caught everyone off guard.

"The roads are just like snot," Jane Cox said. "We had no idea the roads were that slippery, but when it rains and it hasn't rained out here in a long time, I guess, there's a lot of oil on the road and it made it really slippery."

The accident investigation had Highway 105 closed for about three hours. According to DPS, Jose Sanchez of Conroe was the driver of the pickup.

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