TV intern helps cops locate gun

HOUSTON We brought you the dramatic pictures of the chase along the South Beltway yesterday during Eyewitness News at 4pm and here on

At Channel 13 this morning we decided we would go look for the suspected weapon that Skyeye caught flying out of the suspects' car. We didn't want it to fall into the wrong hands.

Before we went, two Houston police officers who weren't going to let this evidence get away came to Channel 13 to watch the video more closely. From there we joined in their search for the gun.

Who found it? 13 Undercover intern Phil Whisenant on his last day with us.

He said, "This is awesome. I get to find a weapon on my last day."

"I thank him for helping us out," said Maria Row of HPD Crime Analysis.

HPD Officer JC Oliver said, "This is a case sealer. You can seal a case on this."

The gun flew a long distance from where we saw it fly out of the car. We found it about 50 yards into a field. Cops are now checking it for fingerprints.

The driver, Mechelle Murillo, has been charged with felony evading arrest. The passenger, Angela McKnight, is charged with tampering with evidence. Investigators believe she threw the gun from the car during the chase.

The 20-minute, 16-mile pursuit came to end when another driver, Hugo Vargas, 19, used his pickup truck to box in the vehicle.

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