Body found in search for missing swimmer

HOUSTON Around 3:30pm, a body was pulled from the water. We're told six to seven Milby High School students had apparently planned this weekend to skip school on Monday to go to Banana Bend on the San Jacinto River.

The students arrived around noon. Just a few minutes later, two students were in trouble. One of the students who went into the water afterwards spoke to Eyewitness News but didn't want to be identified.

He said, "A friend of mine started screaming that they were drowning. I ran off. I was the first one in the water. I got a chance to get my friend Luis out, but when I turned around to see if I could find (the other teen), I didn't see him no more. I was going to dive in to see if I could get him, but the people here were like, 'Nah, don't jump in, because what if the current takes you, too?'"

One of the teenagers was rescued without injury by boat. Sheriff's department search teams used sonar and grappling hooks to look for the missing student. The 17-year-old boy has not been identified.

The San Jacinto River is known for deep drop-offs and treacherous currents.

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