Union: Firefighter layoffs to start next week


Firefighters tell us they have begun to receive calls about possible layoff notices, as the mayor and city council try and tackle a $130 million budget shortfall.

We spoke with several firefighters on Thursday night at their union meeting.

Houston Firefighter Association President Jeff Caynon say more than 200 fire fighters are being contacted to begin a 45-day notice process to meet city timelines for layoffs, if they do in fact happen. The city must pass a budget by June 30.

However, we contacted the mayor's office tonight and they tells us:

"We are in active meet and confer with the firefighter's union and we appreciate their suggestions. We are not going to negotiate in the media. The budget remains a work in progress and we continue to remain hopeful that we'll be able to reach an agreement that avoids the need for firefighter layoffs. "

Firefighters tell us they are being called to attend and informational meeting about layoffs next Tuesday and Thursday at the fire academy.

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